Frank Holding Memorial Results 

1st Paul Holding 21lb 10oz
2nd Jeff Stirratt 10lb 7oz
3rd Dave Trafford 8lb 12oz
4th Roger Gardom 7lb 12oz
5th Colin Cliffe 7lb 1oz
6th Ronnie Ranson 6lb 9oz 

Saturday morning and 76 anglers turned up to remember one of Liverpool's finest the Legend Frank Holding. With the match pegged from Pilling Lane right through to the Legion there were plenty of noted pegs in the bag and these did not disappoint to those who drew them. First in the bag was Franks son Paul he asked me where do you fancy today to which the reply was peg 19 in the bay on the drums. In when the hand into the bag and hey presto peg 19 comes out you couldn't write it. With a job still to do and a lot of pressure on in him as this is the one we all want to win he duly did his dad proud and put 21lb 10 oz on the scales of bream and skimmers a fitting tribute to a fantastic match. 
In second place was Franks good mate Jeff Stirratt who again drew a decent peg on the running horses to put 10lb plus and the runners up spot.
Dave Trafford came in 3rd another legend of the canal circuit and a peg to peg battle on the legion for 4th and 5th spots with Roger Gardon beating Colin Cliffe of the next peg to take 4th leaving Colin Cliffe in 5th,6th spot went to Ronnie Ranson another guy who came onto the canal away from his usual haunts to pay respects to Frank with a credible 6lb 9oz. 
With 16 ×4/5 man sections 4lb plus was needed to take the money 
A brilliant day to honour a top guy with a result you could only dream of 

Sundays results 23/08/20, 18 fished Scout Hut and top of Pilling Lane

Continuing his good run of section wins lately 1st place went to Paul Holding ,son of the legend Frank Holding whos memorial match is on 5th September with 50 already booked on ,get on it its gone be be a belterB 

Paul caught 5lb of roach backed by a Bream half way through the match to take top honours with 7lb 13oz beating another Mr consistant on the canals at the moment Anthony Lloyd who had a close 7lb 7oz. Anthony was bridesmaid at Wigan yesterday and fancied himself as the bride today but going in looking for a bream on 0.6 and a 22 to a 3s laccy it took him 15 mins to land his first bream so i'm told by the lads around he then took 3 big skimmers and some roach in 3rd place was liverpool's Rob Flude with 6lb 8oz. 
With 4lb and 5lb respectively to take the section money a fair match 
Teams of 4 starts last two Sundays in September with up to 16 teams showing an interest for this 5 match series get your teams booked on with myself .

Open match next sunday draw 9.30 mca club

wednesday resultWednesday results

Plex Lane 19/08/20

1. Peter Gradwell 11.9.0 Skimmers

2.Gareth Charnock 5.3.0

3. John Easton 4.12.0

4. Dennis Peterson 4.9.0

Monday night series 2020

This year's series has been shorter than usual due to the COVID-19 situation . However it has been a great success with more anglers than ever participating. Not all of them were able to complete the nine matches required in order to qualify for the overall prizes but we had 12 good matches in good company and most of the time the canal fished well .

There were some exceptional weights for a three hour match, Sean Wharton’s 13lbs plus on Eager Lane was exceptional and John Carols near 13 lbs on Hall Lane closely followed by 12Lb 8 of roach from Gareth Charnock the same night showed just what the canal is capable of.

In the end Gareth Charnock showed everybody the way to do it with a grand total of 17 points so far clear of the rest he would have needed a telescope to see them. Well done Gareth we will get closer next year!

Full Results

Best nine matches

  1. G Charnock (Preston Innovations NW)              17 Points
  2. John Easton (Liverpool AS)                                   41 Points 
  3. Ken Smith                                                                41 Points  
  4.  A. Marsden  (Preston Innovations NW)             44 Points

Fred Moss Memorial 09/08/20, Saracens Head and Ship Inn 

Taking the honours in this one was the unstoppable Jeff Stirratt after taking the honours last week in the 80 peg memorial match on the Leigh canal. Jeff drew on the stick ups on the Ship Inn and put together a fine catch of Bream/ Skimmers and roach to blitz the field. In 2nd place was Simon Nickless who travelled from the midlands to honour the late Fred Moss, Simon pegged next to Jeff caught skimmers and roach. Taking third was ever consistent Dennis Peterson again catching skimmers and roach. Fourth was Wigan angler Dave Walmsley (Wompy).  
With 5lb plus needed for a section win with all manner of species required on certain pegs to take the section money a good day in memory of Fred.
Thanks to all who attended.

Mike Dickson


Wednesday 23/07/20  knock up on the Blue Anchor in Aintree, not very often match fished still plenty of fish that end.

John Easton 7:11 Bream

Jeff stirret 4:11 roach

Peter Gradwell 4:3 roach

Monday results 20/07/20, Eager Lane

1 Sean Wharton 13.12.0
2. G Charnock 7.15.0
3. A. Marsden 6.4.0
4. I Fetrell 6.1.0

Peter Keenan's 2lb Crucian part of his 5.8lb catch.

Sundays results Saracens head 19/07/20

1st Dennis Peterson 19lb 12oz 
2nd ken Smith 8lb 6oz 
3rd Ant Lloyd 6lb 1oz 
4th Jeff Stirratt 5lb 8oz 
Open match next Sunday draw mca club 9.30

Monday night results 13/07/20, either side of walkover. 

1st J Carrol 12-11-0 Bream/Tench
2nd G Charnock 12-6-0 Roach/hemp
3rd J Easton 7-9-0 Skimmers & Roach on hemp

Todays open match results 28 June 2020

Change of venue we fished the ducks today instead of the Saracens Head length due to the weather.

1st Dennis Peterson 5lb 7oz.
2nd Dean Cantwell 3lb 2oz 
3rd John Easton 2lb 6oz
Paul Kennils 2lb 1oz
Peter Gradwell 2lb 3oz 
Difficult conditions today swirling winds and torrential down pours.  


Sundays 22nd results 20 fished.

Ashtons Bridge back to Maghull
1st Gareth Charnock 8lb 0oz 
2nd Paul Charnock 5lb 10oz 
3rd Paul Kennils 5lb2oz 
Roger Gardom 4lb 4oz 
Kev Clarke 4lb 5oz

WhatsApp Image 2020 06 14 at 16.43.49Sundays Open Match Results 14/06/20 Jackson bridge to Billies bridge.

Canals still moody but some nice Bream and Skimmers were caught off notable pegs and some big roach, lots of eels caught and lost, 24 anglers fished.
1 Phil walters 12lb 8oz bream skimmers 
2 Neil Jones 6lb 11oz 
3 Ant Marsden 4lb 14oz

Tom 12 inch 4lb 4oz
John easton 3lb 6oz
Ian Fewtrell 3lb 12oz 
Open match next week ,all welcome.

livnewShop Lane both sides and Legion houses

1st Dave nichols 12lb 10oz all Roach caster
2nd Paul kennels 8lb 15oz Skimmers and Roach 
3rd Jim Elms 8lb 7oz all Roach

Dave was pegged on shop lane to the right Paul on legion and Jim shop lane 

Plenty of roach on right of shop lane.


Jeff StirratLDAA Wedndesday Flyer 29/01/20

Hes only gone and done it again! LAS angler Jeff Stirrat makes it back to back wins on the canal at the walkover, fishing bread and hemp Jeff weighed an all roach 11.8 lbs off the boats. Second place Paul Kennells weighted 7.12lb and Stan Philips coming 3rd with 7.8lbs.

Jeff Stirrat 11.8lbs
Paul Kennells 7.12lbs
Stan Phillips 7.8lbs

Sundays Open Match Results 26/01/20

1st Jeff Stirratt 10-7-12
2nd Mark Grimshaw 10-2-0
3rd Ant Marsden 7-9-12
4th Dave Edgerley 7-8-0
5th John Easton 7-7-8 

Pilling lane was very consistent with small roach feeding well throughout the length with majority of anglers pushing 4lb. The Running Horses showed its form again with the top four coming off this length, however the Drums proved very difficult for most anglers with a less than 2lb taking the section money but that's winter fishing for you. Most section only a few ounces meant the difference between a brown envelope or a thanks for coming so once again a fair match.

Match Results 19 January 2020 (18 Pegs)

LDAA Open Ducks length, Maghull. Eighteen anglers lined the bank. Considering the frost the canal held up well. Winner on the day was G Charnock with 6lb all roach on bread and hemp. Second was ever consistent J Stirrat with 4.5lbs all roach and third place was D Peterson with 3.2lbs. 

G Charnock 6lb
J Stirrat 4.5lbs
D Peterson 3.2lbs

Wednesday sweep is at the later time of 9:30am Wetherspoons Maghull.


Cricket pitch to the motorway bridge - 12 January 2020

1st Rob Flude 28lb 11oz
2nd Paul Tabron 18lb 13oz
3rd Gareth Charnock 18lb 4oz 
4th Roger Gardom 17lb 10oz

With double figures for your section money canals fished extremely well.


Liverpool and District Christmas open

57 anglers turned out for the Liverpool and District Christmas open fishing from Pilling Lane Bridge to the legion in Maghull.

1st Roger Gardom 12lb 2oz
2nd Dave Trafford 11lb 5oz
3rd Ritchie Yates 9lb 15oz
4th Toni Corrola 9lb 2oz
5th Kev Clarke 8lb 5oz
6th Gareth Charnock 7lb 6oz
7th Rob Flude 7lb 1oz

With 5lb needed to win your 5 man section the canal was in fine form with roach being the dominant species.
Roger caught 4lb plus of roach backed with three bream late on to take the spoils Roger was pegged near to the running horses pub on the drums side.
Catch of the day goes to Dave Trafford in 2nd place with an all roach catch off the middle of the ducks length.
Reports of at least six big fish being lost on light roach gear the culprits were probably tench or big hybrids which run to over 4lb it was a case of what could of been for some anglers.

All the best for the new year and tight lines everyone.

Best wishes
Mike Dickson on behalf of Liverpool and District

Liverpool district Wednesday 4/12 open match on the Kings Arms.

Well attended again and with heavy frosts on Mon/Tue nobody knew what to expect. Ever consistent Jeff Stirrat came out winner with an all Roach 6.4lb on bread. Bob Campbell weighed 4.6lbs from the middle of the section again all roach. Wigan's Robert Porter drew yet again another end peg and dropped 3.9lb on the scales of perch, roach and a skimbo. Wednesday matches draw at 9am Wetherspoons Maghull, pools £10 and a 100% payed out.

Jeff New  Bob New

Results from today's sweep on the Drums 27/11.

Leading the way was Jeff Stirrat with an all Roach 6.14lbs on bread and hemp. Wigan Robert Porter came 2nd with two big Perch and bits from the end peg for 6.4lb. Birthday boy Paul Charnock came 3rd with skimmers and silvers for 5.13lb.

Jeff Stirrat 6.14lb
Robert Porter 6.4lb
Paul Charnock 5.13lb

Jeff Stirrat Wed  Rob Porter Wed

Liverpool District Open 24/11/19 on the Ducks length in Maghull.

Canal fished well with Alan Coppell weighing 15.2lbs of mainly skimmers on punch and caster. Jeff Shaw was next peg and weighed 11lb of roach with 3 bonus Skimmers in the last 15mins. Wigan's Rob Porter was 3rd with 5.12lb and Andy Coppell was 4th with 4.10lbs.(15 fished)

Alan Coppell 15.2lbs
Jeff Shaw 11lb
Rob Porter 5.12lb
Andy Coppell 4.10lbs

alan copell 2  Jeff Ducks


Open Match Hall Lane 17/11/19

Plenty of bites on the Open match today at Hall Lane. Dennis Peterson did the business with an all roach 9.7lbs. Alan Coppell was on the next peg and weighted 7.14lb again all roach on punch. Rob Porter was 3rd with 5.4lbs. Philip Walters (Wally) opposite the boats weighted 4.4lb.  
Dennis Peterson 9.7lbs
Alan Coppell        7.14lbs
Rob Porter           5.4lbs
Philip Walters       4.4lbs
d peterson  alan c

Teams of 4, Round 3 
Daz Shaw        12.9.12
Peter Kennan   7.2.8
A Crooke          6.13.0
Teams Overall
Wigan Green  44
LAS Blue 48
Wigan Blue 54
Preston Lancs  55
Preston Yorks   62
MCA  67
LAS Red   68
Matrix  76
Kennys 77

With the canal in fine form last week expectations were high for round two of the teams of four league,  it turned out to be hard but fair with most anglers being able to scratch around for 2lb to 3lb for steady team points. Stan Phillips was the exception taking a fantastic 11lb 9oz all roach catch, Wigan captain Danny Martin taking 2nd with 5lb 13oz and another Wigan man on form taking 3rd with 5lb 10oz was Paul Robinson.

On the team front John Easton.s LAS Blue team finished on a credible 11pts with Preston Yorkshire on 14 and Wigan green on 16 tied with their blue team but better on weight.
Wigan Green 25

LAS Blue 27
LAS Red 39
Wigan blue 39 
Next week either side Eager Lane

Liverpool District Teams of Four Results.

Sections Saracens Head and Ship Inn.

Section A - Carl Blurton 10.1.4
Section B - Dave Trafford 7.8.8
Section C - Dave Bradley 9.1.0
Section D - Daz Shaw 10.2.6

1st S Crossley 19.9.8
2nd R Flude 14.1.8
3rd R Robertson 13.12.0

Wigan Green 9pts
LAS Blue 16pts
LAS Red 18pts
Kens 4 20pts
MCA 21pts
Preston Lancs 22pts
Wigan Blue 23pts
Waynes 24pts
Preston 26pts

Open Match 01 September Eager Lane.

Gordon Griffith's 11lb 8oz
Mike Dickson 8lb 5oz
Gareth Charnock 8lb 0oz
John Easton 6lb 1oz

Everyone bream skimmers and roach Top 3 from the right hand side

Fred Moss memorial, 40 anglers on the bank 


1st Jeff Stirrat 16lb 5oz
2nd Ian Fewtrell 11lb 8ox
3rd Gareth charnock ,10lb 9,oz
4th John Easton 10lb 2oz 
With 6lb plus needed for your 5 man section 
Canals fished really well

Next big competition two day mini festival 17th 18th August

Results for Paul Turners Canal Masters on Leeds Liverool Canal at  Maghull.

1st Bernie L Barrow 16.11.8
2nd Ian Fewtrell 12.0.0
3rd Daz Massey 11.10.12
Ian FetrellPegs 1 20pegs 21 40Paul Turners Overall

frank memorial


1st Ian Cunliffe 12lb 13oz Bream & Skimmers peg 36 in the bay on the drums
2nd Steve Wilson 10lb 1oz
3rd Kenny Smith 9lb 13oz
4th Mike Dickson 8lb 5oz
5th Paul Keeley 8lb 4oz




june 16 indivMatch results for 16 June 2019

Sundays match was fished on the Legion and Cricket pitch sections, winner Stan Phillips weighted 10.8lbs of Bream and Skimmers from opposite the houses on the Legion on Bread and Caster.

Fresh back from Ireland Dave Walmsley weighed 6.10lbs and Paul Porter was 3rd with 4.2lbs.

1st Stan Phillips 10.8lbs
2nd Dave Walmsley (Wompy) 6.10lbs
3rd Rob Porter 4.2lbs

27/05/19 Monday night series Eager Lane left hand side, 10 fished.

1st John Carroll 11lb 12oz bream skimmers

2nd Gareth Charnock 9lb 8oz skimmers roach 
Final round of Individual League 26/05/19 
1st Jim Elms 15lb 8oz bream skimmers 
2nd Jeff Stirratt 8,lb 11oz bream roach ,rudd
3rd Daz Shaw 6lb 11oz. 4 eels and a skimmer
1st Toni corrolla 26pts
2nd Ant Marsden 23pts
3rd Dave Trafford 21pts
4th Jeff Stirratt 20pts
Thanks to all anglers who participated.

Next big match Frank Holding memorial 23rd June 

Please book on with my Micheal Dickson 27

Individual League Round 4, 12/05/19

1st Toni corrolla ,5lb 0 oz
2nd Ant Marsden 4lb 14oz
3rd Rob Flude 4lb 11oz
4th Dean meadows 3lb 13oz
5th Dave Trafford 3lb 12oz
6th John Leeds ,3lb 3oz
7th John Easton 3,lb 2,Oz
8th Paul Kennils 2lb 10oz
9th Gareth Charnock 2lb 8oz
10th Paul Charnock s 2lb 1oz


Ant Marsden 23pts
Toni Corrolla ,21pts
Dave Trafford 21pts
John Leeds 16pts
John Easton ,15pts

Sunday 5th May Open Results

Running Horses

1st Jim Elms 7lb 6oz
2nd John Easton 6lb 10oz
3rd Jeff Stirrat 6lb ,7oz
4th Paul Kennels 5LB ,13,oz

Individual Spring League Results 26/4/19

Round 3 

1st Ant Marsden 2lb 10oz 
2nd John Leeds 2lb 5oz 
3rd Mick Hargreaves 1lb 10oz


Dave Trafford 15pts
Mike Dickson 14pts
Ant Marsden 14pts
Round 4 will take place on the 12 May on the Cricket Pitches and Walkover stretches.

Good Friday Open Match Results

Brewery Lane

1st Danny Martin 20lb 3oz
2nd Ken Smith 12lb 4oz
3rd Gorden Griffith's 5lb 10oz

17 anglers fished Bream and Tench making most of weights.

Individual Spring League Results  14/04/19

Round 2

1st Tony Corolla 9,lb 10oz
2nd Mike Dickson 6lb 13oz
3rd Dave Trafford 5lb 15oz 

Overall League Update 

Mike Dickson 13 pts
John Easton 11 pts
Dave Trafford 11 pts
Toni Corolla 10 pts
Danny Martin 9pts


individual league resultsIndividual league results

Round 1

Top 10

John Easton ,13lb 2oz bream skimmers and roach
Danny Martin 8lb 7oz two tench and roach
Joe Lawrence 7,lb 3oz
Stan Phillips 6lb 12oz
Jeff Stirratt 6,lb 11oz
Dave Bradley 5lb 4oz
Mike Dickson 4lb 12 Oz
Dave Trafford 4,lb 10 Oz
John Leeds 4,lb 9oz
Shaun paddon 4lb 2oz

Next match in two weeks all welcome

March 10th 2019 annual pairs challenge.

26 pairs lined the banks of a very wet and windy Leeds Liverpool canal in Lydiate pegged from Jackson's bridge through to pilling lane these lengths offer some shelter from the predicted 50mph wind and true to the forecast right on the all in at 11.00 the wind howled and with added rain, hail and sleet made fishing difficult if not uncomfortable at times nevertheless with over £900.00 on offer today it was still all to fish for.
Leading the way on a fantastic 3 points was Saints duo Kevin Lavelle and Rob Holt, Rob catching 3 bream and some smaller fish and Kevin's skimmer roach and perch catch took the winning spoils in 2nd place were Mick Hargreaves and Joe (Hydro)Lawrence with 7pts and in 3rd with 11pts Maghulls famous Coppell brothers.
Individual it was John Carroll who took top weight with 8lb 6oz from Jackson's basin
On the whole it was a very hard but fair match with the lack of roach showing today the average weights were low, but that's fishing for you .
I am taking names for the individual league starting 31st March then every other week for six weeks let me know if you want booking on or for any more info see other posts 

Mike Dickson (Match Secretary)