2019 was a pretty good year for fishing on the canal and the Association continued its commitment to use the money it raises from the sale of permits and match fees to purchase new fish stocks as often as possible. During the year we introduced over 1000 lbs plus of mixed Roach and Skimmers at the Jackson's bridge area of the canal and a further 1000 lbs plus later in the year again of Roach and Skimmers to the Running Horses area of the canal. Year on year we have now seen year-round catches improve with some truly amazing match returns being recorded. In order to maintain the quality of fishing we have to continue stocking and introducing new strains of fish, all of which have been tested, in order to keep returns improving year on year. Your committee is determined to use the money that we raise to improve the fishing on the canal and your contribution to that is much appreciated. 

We have had the usual problems with weed towards the Liverpool end of the canal which fortunately did not spread any further than the previous year.  We have liaised with the Canal and River Trust over this matter and they have done some cutting but any more radical action to curtail the weed is not wanted as it can have a detrimental effect on the water. Hopefully the increased boat traffic will have some benefit in reducing the weed and keeping lengths open for fishing in general.

The ongoing problem of litter is a constant irritation to the members and officers alike, it is pretty clear to me the culprits are not members. What we ask of members is where they are able to clear up litter even though it is not nothing to do with them, please do so. As not only is it a good thing to do for our environment, but saves us getting unfairly blamed for the bad behaviour of a very few people . Joe Farrell, our secretary has done a lot of good work with the local community on this subject and we very much appreciate it, so please do your bit. Joe is also our press officer and writes a regular column in the Liverpool Echo so keep an eye on it for local fishing information.

During the year we ran many successful matches through the terrific efforts of our Match Secretary Mike Dickson who has worked tirelessly (often when far to ill to do so) to attract anglers from all around the region and even further afield. We hope to continue with this success in the year going forward and thank Mike for all his good work.  We will endeavour to publicise on the website and on our Facebook page competitions and activities for the benefit of all. 

After a shaky start our website is now functioning well for the sale of day tickets and annual permits, many thanks go to Alan Coppell for having sorted this out during the course of the year, it is quite clear that this is now our major means of talking to our members and we will continue to develop it as time goes on. 

The year also brought some more good news when the future of our HQ was settled for the foreseeable future with the takeover of the MCA by new management committed to the upkeep of the club. We can now enjoy good beer, all the top sports events and even the company isn’t bad! Anglers are welcome at the club and you don’t have to be a member, but beer is cheaper if you are. All match results are done from there so feel free to join us.

Enjoy your fishing and look after our water.

Good luck

Peter Gradwell

Chairman LDAA