Saturdays 5th Dec pairs match info, Pilling, Drums, Runnies and Ducks sections.
A live Facebook draw will take place at 7.00pm.
All anglers must go straight to their pegs 30metres apart no earlier than 8.30am. Fishing will be from 10.00am until 3.00pm.
Do not follow the weigh in afterwards.
Will anglers please put pool's money in an envelope with your names, money will be collected on the bank.
The weigher will put the basket down ,and move away ,the angler will then tip the catch into the basket and move away ,the weigher will then weigh and record the weight.
A full list of anglers will be posted on Facebook ,please PM if you can not make it.
If you require any more information please contact myself Mick Dickson.
A copy of the risk assessment will be made available after Friday's draw.
On behalf of Liverpool and District Angling I'd like to thank everybody for your cooperation.
Micheal Dickson.