L.A.S team picture from the 1982 Nation,  left back row Alan Metcalfe ,John Gibbins,  Phil Barwell,  Bernie Leatherbarrow , Derek Bennett, Ken Dooley,  Chris Diamond, Steve Smith , Dennis Peterson, Peter Bailey, Keith Wilson the one and only Elbow,  Jimmy Kelly, Cliff Jones, Brian Kelly fished but is not on the photo. The team finished a credible second behind team ABC.

LAS Team Picture

Draw MCA club 9.30 £20.00 all in 

All welcome Saracens Head Length

2019 was a pretty good year for fishing on the canal and the Association continued its commitment to use the money it raises from the sale of permits and match fees to purchase new fish stocks as often as possible. During the year we introduced over 1000 lbs plus of mixed Roach and Skimmers at the Jackson's bridge area of the canal and a further 1000 lbs plus later in the year again of Roach and Skimmers to the Running Horses area of the canal. Year on year we have now seen year-round catches improve with some truly amazing match returns being recorded. In order to maintain the quality of fishing we have to continue stocking and introducing new strains of fish, all of which have been tested, in order to keep returns improving year on year. Your committee is determined to use the money that we raise to improve the fishing on the canal and your contribution to that is much appreciated. 

We have had the usual problems with weed towards the Liverpool end of the canal which fortunately did not spread any further than the previous year.  We have liaised with the Canal and River Trust over this matter and they have done some cutting but any more radical action to curtail the weed is not wanted as it can have a detrimental effect on the water. Hopefully the increased boat traffic will have some benefit in reducing the weed and keeping lengths open for fishing in general.

The ongoing problem of litter is a constant irritation to the members and officers alike, it is pretty clear to me the culprits are not members. What we ask of members is where they are able to clear up litter even though it is not nothing to do with them, please do so. As not only is it a good thing to do for our environment, but saves us getting unfairly blamed for the bad behaviour of a very few people . Joe Farrell, our secretary has done a lot of good work with the local community on this subject and we very much appreciate it, so please do your bit. Joe is also our press officer and writes a regular column in the Liverpool Echo so keep an eye on it for local fishing information.

During the year we ran many successful matches through the terrific efforts of our Match Secretary Mike Dickson who has worked tirelessly (often when far to ill to do so) to attract anglers from all around the region and even further afield. We hope to continue with this success in the year going forward and thank Mike for all his good work.  We will endeavour to publicise on the website and on our Facebook page competitions and activities for the benefit of all. 

After a shaky start our website is now functioning well for the sale of day tickets and annual permits, many thanks go to Alan Coppell for having sorted this out during the course of the year, it is quite clear that this is now our major means of talking to our members and we will continue to develop it as time goes on. 

The year also brought some more good news when the future of our HQ was settled for the foreseeable future with the takeover of the MCA by new management committed to the upkeep of the club. We can now enjoy good beer, all the top sports events and even the company isn’t bad! Anglers are welcome at the club and you don’t have to be a member, but beer is cheaper if you are. All match results are done from there so feel free to join us.

Enjoy your fishing and look after our water.

Good luck

Peter Gradwell

Chairman LDAA

All Draw @5.30 pm (Ex Bank Holiday see below)

Book on with Peter Gradwell 07793618234 

£15 all in (includes £1 series pool)

No coins accepted all pay-out rounded to £5

Best 9 results count towards series (Through away 3)


Draw Location

Monday 1/6/20

Running Horses 

Monday 8/6/20

Running Horses 

Monday 15/6/20

Pilling Lane (canal bank)

Monday 22/6/20

Scout Hut

Monday 29/6/20


Monday 6/7/20

Hall Lane Maghull (Cricket Pitch)

Monday 13/7/20

 Walk over Maghull

Monday 20/7/20


Monday 27/7/20


Monday 3/8/20

MCA Bank Holiday (Venue TBA Daytime/Evening Match)

Monday 10/8/20

Jacksons Bridge

Monday 17/8/20

Running Horses 


We were contacted via Facebook by Andrew Shaw Regarding some medals dating back to 1914. A copy of Andrew's post is below along with the pictures he kindly shared.
Hi guys. Not an angler myself but I thought I would share some photographs of my late Grandfather’s & late Uncle’s fishing medals. I never knew either of them but these medals are in my possession & date back to 1914 when my Grandfather, George Shaw, was a member of the club. I see that the club was first founded in 1911, maybe he was a founding member?? He was chairman of the L&DAA in 1933 & I have his gold button hole badge. He died in 1936. I did try to enquire some years ago to see if there were any records but I was told that the Association has become divided over the years. Maybe someone might know more of the history which I would be interested to hear.
We reached the magical £2000.00 mark for yesterday virtual charity match so thanks to all those who paid on to fish the match and a huge shout out to Phill Cross for his amazing donation to get us to this amount .

Big thanks also to our all our friends who donated prizes 
Barry Thomas
James Robbins (Cadence)
Gav Vernon Leigh tackle and bait 
Carl Blurton
Ritchie yates 
Ray Pagan and family 
All the Matrix Leigh tackle and bait sponsored team 
Ian Cunliffe 
David Kehoe Devenshire Garage Preston
Last but not least thanks to Steph at home and my youngest daughter for all there help throughout the day and putting up with all my antics 
Tight lines everyone 

On Monday 9th December Liverpool District continued with its policy of stocking the canal and took delivery of 1100lbs of silver fish that were stocked into the canal at Maghull. It's the continued support of anglers purchasing memberships and match anglers peg fees that allow us to stock and improve the fishing for members.

September 22nd
Barry Davies and Cliff Jones memorial this is a pairs event
Draw 9.30 MCA club
Fish 11.00/4.00
£40.00 a pair plus optional £5.00 individual pool
This will done on points for pairs results
All welcome
Taking bookings know

Two weeks later see us host Paul Turners Canal Masters on 7th July both are open matches, draw venue to be announced.

Frank Holding Memorial match will take place on 23rd June book on with Micheal Dickson.

Peter Gradwell's evening series continues on Monday 17th June draw is slightly later at 5:30pm @ The Running Horses. Pools £10 with optional superpool all welcome.
Draw 3pm Fish 4-9pm 5hrs 
Eager Lane draw on the bank.
Pools £10 with optional superpool.  

Peter Gradwell is running a series of evening matches starting on Monday 13th May, the first match is at the Scarisbrick draw 5.30pm pools £10 with optional superpool.

13/05 Scarisbrick 20/05 King Arms 27/05 Eager Lane
03/06 Jacksons Bridge 10/06 Pilling Lane 17/06 Running Horses/Drums
24/06 Scarisbrick Garages 01/07 Saracens Head 08/07 Scout Hut
15/07 HAll Road 22/07 Legion 29/07 Ducks
05/08 Running Horses 12/08 Plex Lane 19/08 Ship Inn


Sunday 12TH May
Round 4 Individual League 
Walkover Bridge & Cricket Pitch 
Draw is at the Mogul L313DE @,9.30 FISHING 11.00 4.00 
Breakfast is available at the draw please support the venue, as draw venues are hard to come by.

Draw MCA club 9.30 
Fish 11.00--5.00

All welcome 

Draw MCA , Maghull L31 2JH
Draw 9.30 fish 11.00 -4.00 

£20.00 all in

Barking dog through Brewery Lane 

All welcome 
Book on for pegging purposes

In preparation for Sundays open match members of the association spent the morning clearing 22 permanent pegs of weed on the Cricket Pitch section of the Leeds Liverpool Canal in Maghull. Surprisingly the pegs were reasonably clear and the work carried out this morning will benefit match and please anglers alike. 

2018 has been a challenging year with one problem after another affecting fishing on the Leeds Liverpool canal.

Many parts of the canal were the subject of persistent attention by cormorants causing a lot of damage to fish stocks and disruption to their normal feeding habits. 

As an Association we have been in discussions with both the Environment Agency and the Canal and River Trust to try to combat this problem, however remedies are very limited because the canal is a public right of way and even if (and it’s a big if) we were given permission to cull some birds we would not be able to do so because of the public right of way.

Weed growth and particularly lilies have been a major problem for years, in certain areas the Canal and River Trust have been working on this, but with limited effectiveness.

Whilst we were trying to deal with these problems and others, there was a catastrophic breach in the canal at Melling. The results of this were devastating, with thousands of fish lost, miles of canal rendered unfishable for many months. This in combination with the hot weather meant weed sprung up in a way we had never seen before. Three new species of weed were identified none of which being native plants. 

The weed had two negative effects, it made fishing impossible for miles of the canal and deoxygenated the water making the fishing very poor. In addition to all this in common with many other water’s eels were hard to come by for a reason yet to be confirmed but suspected to be a swim bladder disease.

However, the breach was fixed, and the canal reopened but too late for enough boats to go through to push back the weed. However, we expect boat traffic to return this spring which (we hope) will drive back the weed. The weed may have had one benefit because so far, we have not seen any numbers of cormorants on the canal, so fingers crossed. 

We took the decision to stock again this year, we put over 10,000 fish in the canal at Lydiate and this seems so far to have been successful. It is our intention to continue with this policy on a regular basis and care for the water in every way we can.

The good news is, since early October the canal has been fishing very well and match results have been the best for years and we all hope this will continue. 

Going forward we will continue to work with all the agencies connected with the canal to improve fishing on the canal for all. However, we all must do our bit so please use the canal with consideration for others pick litter up, even if it not yours, encourage your friends to fish the canal and of course join the Association.


Good luck 


Peter Gradwell


Liverpool and District AA